Jason L. Yurcic - Poet

Author of three books, Voice of My Heart (Sherman Asher Publishing), Word Son (EMAYA Publishing) and the latest, Odes to Anger (West End Press), Yurcic works tirelessly toward expressing his innermost potential. He has saddled his violent past, created a bridle with his poetry, and now rides hard into the creative landscape of heart. Coming to realize that a person's main goal on earth should be the fulfillment of the soul, he has spent the last ten years delving into the darkness of his fears by honing his craft of poetry and teaching to new levels, thus solidifying his position in the light. Yurcic conducts writing workshops in prisons, juvenile detention centers, and schools for at risk youth.

As a finalist for the 2007 (Voice of My Heart) and 2009 (Odes to Anger) New Mexico Book Awards, and the 2010 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, Yurcic has only begun to scratch the surface of a pool of knowledge that helped him survive a life of street crime, violence, and self destruction.

With the reins of his steed held firm, he bounds forever forward into his life with hope for a peaceful existence. With his latest book and the Santa Fe production of his play, Little Ghost, this author's body of work continues to grow.

Expect big things to happen around this man in the coming years as he lays the foundation for what is becoming his life's work. Read Yurcic's biography.

"Yurcic's is a new and powerfully talented voice....Odes to Anger welds heart and spirit in exciting, vivid imagery and passion, announcing that Jason Yurcic is definitely a writer to watch."--Albuquerque Journal

Odes to Anger is a finalist for 

2010 Next Generation Indie Book Awards

2009 NM Book Awards

Jason spoke at the Roundhouse in

Santa Fe for the

NM Coalition For Literacy


Jason is featured in

September 2009 edition of

Albuquerque The Magazine

Jason reading for SOMOS

Jason reading at

University of New Mexico Bookstore

 Jason on KUNM radio station

First printing of Odes to Anger sold out in just 55 days!

DVDs of a reading from Taos, NM are available for $10 and audio CDs for $7 plus shipping and handling. Contact jyurcic@aol.com to order.